Founded in 2012 in Helsinki Finland, Soiree Games strives to publish polished,
entertaining games for an ever-increasing number of platforms.

We believe in our edgy niche. We like to think you will, too.

Lead Designer

Official Neckbeards Mug

Get this sleek, aerodynamic mug featuring the Troll King and an Fedora Ghost from Neckbeards.

$14.99 + $3.99 shipping (US)
12.87 EUR + 3.99 EUR shipping (Europe)

Get one now!

Superior Analog Hits! by Blackbella

Deluxe Edition on $6.99 (doesn't require the game, includes Ogg)

Steam DLC: $3.99 (requires Steam version of Neckbeards: Basement Arena)

This is a collection of the finest music featured in Soiree Games' offerings now remastered on glorious analog gear! Vinyl, cassette tape, VHS, and arcade cabinet - it's all put to serious use here.

Preview "Middle Aged Man"

Games For Two Original Video Game Soundtrack by Blackbella

Price: $6.99
Get it on iTunes or Amazon!

Preview "Single People Are People Too (Kind Of)"


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