Shibui Coliseum

The Apothem have arrived - and they want to play some serious games with Earthlings.


Price: $7.99

Influenced by classic top-down shooters like Sinistar and Bosconian, Shibui Coliseum is a multidirectonally scrolling shoot ‘em up for fans of fast-paced arcade action.

  • Face 100 waves of increasingly deadly Apothem assault craft, spread over 10 vastly different arenas
  • Find a way to disable the Apothem command craft, The Anthracite, which relentlessly chases you for the entire duration of the game
  • Ran out of ammo or simply feel like parading your space suit? Teleport your pilot on to the arena surface and punish your enemies using your trusty peashooter
  • Level up your craft’s weapons systems and enjoy a dapper new paintjob or two


Windows® 7/8/10 • Dual Core Intel® or AMD® processor • 1 GB of RAM • 150 MB available hard drive space