Silly Squadron

The toughest arcade challenge yet. Insert coin if you dare.


Price: $4.99

Silly Squadron is a retro-futuristic take on Space Invaders, the arcade classic from 1978. It has all the Soiree ingredients you're craving for: fast action, addictive gameplay, strange boss fights (including a mighty middle-aged man) and a seriously sumptuous soundtrack.

  • Commandeer a variety of cannons, each offering unique qualities and/or weapons systems
  • Team up with a buddy in local co-op (or tag team with your CPU if you are friendless)
  • Watch out for kamikaze beta males, silly heads, and a dozen more special enemies
  • Befriend invaders to have them join you as meat-shields in the next level
  • Clear seven worlds of enemies to enter Deluge, the hardest single non-stop level in any arcade game, ever! (even the pause-mode is disabled in Deluge)

This game is a part of the Soiree Double Pack.


Windows® XP • Intel® Core 2 Duo or higher processor • 128 MB of RAM • Nvidia® 6600GT, ATI® X800GTO or equivalent video card with DirectX 9.0c • 154 MB available hard drive space • Keyboard • Gamepad Support: Xbox 360® or PS3® wired controller