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Coming in 2018!

On the record: Games for Two is a dadaist deconstruction of the current video game industry tropes. Off the record: this here is a fun collection of twelve games for two players (in glorious 4:3 aspect ratio too, like they did it back in the day).

Canadian Milf is a loving tribute to those fine Americans-with-healthcare, also known as the ”canucks”. Get yourself a nice glass of ”homo milk” and ”glocettes” while duelling with your friend the ”hoser”! Gotta love 'em.

Death Penalty is a humorous take on the hilarity of lethal injections. Enjoy a wholesome atmosphere with some of the best last words ever uttered. Now featuring Wilbur the Whacky Warden!

Next up is a moving study of the human condition. Peepee vs Poopoo dwells on the ageless themes of birth, death, and strange odors. Now with 12 % less poopoo!

Now, meet Donnie the Delightful Tapeworm, a big fan of Tiffany and Cannibal Corpse. He can be coarse at times, but deep down Donnie is very sensitive – at least to Praziquantel.

Just so you know, Single People are People Too ..kind of. They even have a video game now, in which you get to experience the whole single life shebang. Meaning a lot of solo dutch ovening¹ and feeling a little empty inside.

Eggman is based on the life of one Toby Reynolds, the suspected school shooter. In this physics based game you and your buddy must guide the fragile Eggman around many a devious room to enter the Isle of Kek!

Lil' Miss Poopie needs your help. She's lost a bunch of toilet paper and you two are the only ones who can help! Its basically Pacman for crazy people.

Destination Uranus is a co-operative space blaster in which you must take out a runaway rocket ship - before it penetrates the surface of Uranus.

Experience these are many more funky mini-games with Games for Two, coming soon for Windows and Linux!

Games for Two – Wholesome Fun for the Whole Nuclear Family!



Windows® XP or Linux • Intel® Core 2 Duo or higher processor • 128 MB of RAM • Nvidia® 6600GT, ATI® X800GTO or equivalent video card • 450 MB available hard drive space • Keyboard and mouse


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¹ Solo Dutch oven. The act of pulling bed covers over one's head after releasing considerable amounts of butt gas.