Pick your champion and manage your army.
Memeworld is an action RPG featuring most of your favorite memes!


Price: TBA

Coming up in 2020.

In busy LA, people used to be unavailable. But now they’re just mostly gone. As of April 20th 2018 Memeworld is covered in a thick smog causing unprecedented amounts of autism.

Everything is offline. You can’t even browse /r9k/ as drones fill the sky, already spinning their miniguns. All you know is there’s 9000 hostile blips on the sole functioning radar.

You better prepare a pretty powerful screech as rage-filled Baby Boomers, Chads, Furries, and other antagonists begin to roam the once beautiful land. Only your improvised strike force of incels, autists, and other assorted spergs remain to counter the fury of the Antagonist Army.

Find a way out. Find out what happened. Screech like a boss. This is Memeworld.

  • Do battle in enticing locales such as the Incel Coliseum and the Pick Up Artist Boot Camp
  • Choose from four champions all with different abilities and guide your army to victory
  • Summon extra units into the battlefield as STDs and other hazards sap your power
  • Ascend to superiority in firepower as you level up your champion


Windows® 7/8/10 • Intel® Core 2 Duo or higher processor • 128 MB of RAM • Nvidia® 6600GT, ATI® X800GTO or equivalent video card with DirectX 9.0c • 54 MB available hard drive space • Keyboard • Mouse