Neckbeards: Incel Clicker

Incel Clicker is fun, casual grinding with raging boomers, miniguns, and all the major Soiree hallmarks, including a rousing soundtrack and plenty of challenge.

Neckbeards: Cuck Invaders

Cuck Invaders is a retro-futuristic take on Space Invaders, the arcade classic from 1978. It has all the Soiree ingredients you're craving for: fast action, addictive gameplay, strange boss fights (including a mighty middle-aged man) and a seriously sumptuous soundtrack.

Neckbeards: Basement Arena

Based on classic arcade games like Robotron 2084, Neckbeards is non-stop action for one or two players with an epic soundtrack and a taste for psychedelia.


Games for Two

On the record: Games for Two is a dadaist deconstruction of the current video game industry tropes. Off the record: this here is a fun collection of twelve games for two players.